The Ultimate Guide to Hair Color


Have you ever wondered what the numbers on hair color mean?

Or what about the ones marked on hair extensions packaging? or the ones on wig boxes. 1b? T1b/30? TT1b/30? What?
-Disclaimer- This will not make you a color expert but it will give you a better idea on what those numbers stand for.

The first thing you need to know is that all brands carry a different “numbering system” (let’s call it that for now) for hair colors. Most brands follow a similar pattern.


1-Jet Black
1B-Natural/Off Black
2-Dark Brown
4-Medium Brown
6-Light Brown

8-Extra Light Ash Brown/Almost a Dark Ash Blonde
10-Dark Blonde
16-Medium Golden Blonde
22-Ash Blonde/Light Blonde
27-Honey Blonde

33-Dark Auburn
99J-Wine Red/ Burgundy

 613-Bleach Blonde
PB-Platinum Blonde

These ones are easy. They may look more golden or ashy but this rule applies to all of them. As you can see: Lower numbers are for dark colors.

Bobbi Boss IndiRemi Colors:

Hair Couture Colors:

Other Brands: 

For Blonde colors it all depends on the brand.
#22 and #613 can look very different depending on the manufacturer. Even within one same brand, different collections can use the same numbers for different hair colors.
Also, some brands tend to lean more towards golden tones and others towards ashy tones.
But even so, one basic rule applies to blondes. Higher numbers indicate lighter colors most of the time.

Bohyme Colors

(Notice the 2 shades of BL22, in some cases the one in the middle may appear as BL22b)

Hair Couture Colors

Bobbi Boss IndiRemi Colors

It gets a little tricky with reddish tones. They usually are between 30s and 40s or other random numbers. And then, there's 99J.

33- Dark Auburn
130-Intense Brick Red
99J-Wine Red
BUR- Burgundy

Bobbi Boss IndiRemi Colors

Other Brands:

How to make the right choice

Always look for color charts before making a decision. If there is not one available try to contact the retailer and ask for a picture of the actual color. Some sites offer color pictures that may be slightly different from the real product. Most retailers will send pictures of their products if you ask for them. 

When in doubt talk to your stylist. Most stylists deal with retailers on a daily basis and are familiar with their brands. Ask for help if you need it. 

We have experienced hair specialists who are trained and know all the different colors and differences within brands.

Feel free to call, text or email.
Our experienced staff will find you the best solution: 

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Part 2 coming soon: Mixed Colors and Highlights

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