• Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Braids

    Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Braids
    Braiding 101 Everything you need to know before getting braids Preparation First you need to get the hair in the style you want. There are various types of hair you can get depending the size and texture you want your braids. I used the X-pression crochet hair in deep 22” in the color S4/27.   You’ll want to find a stylist that has experience and that you can trust.  So be sure you go somewhere you’ll be comfortable and make sure you have snacks and something to drink because you will get hungry. Be on time...
  • Crochet Braiding Hair Basics

    Crochet Braiding Hair Basics
    Crochet Braiding Hair Basics Crochet braiding is a method of installing synthetic hair. This can be done as a protective style, but also because it allows you to change up your hair as often as you'd like without making drastic changes to your natural hair! First, you need to braid your hair into cornrows so that the hair can be crocheted in through your natural hair. Then, simply crochet the synthetic hair into your natural hair and voila!   What kind of styles are available? Curls, locs, braids. There is a wide range of curly styles...
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