Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Braids


Braiding 101

Everything you need to know before getting braids


  1. First you need to get the hair in the style you want.

There are various types of hair you can get depending the size and texture you want your braids. I used the X-pression crochet hair in deep 22” in the color S4/27.


  1. You’ll want to find a stylist that has experience and that you can trust. 

So be sure you go somewhere you’ll be comfortable and make sure you have snacks and something to drink because you will get hungry.

Be on time for your appointment. Be sure to set your appointment early in the morning because you are going to be there for a while.

  1. Deep condition your hair the night before. 

Apply conditioner from root to ends, cover with a shower cap then a satin bonnet. Wear it overnight and rinse out the next day. You’re going to then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Be sure you detangle your hair! I use the Mane n Tail detangling solution to help soften my hair and make it easier to brush through.



While getting your braids installed you are going to want to be comfortable. Just keep in mind that your stylist should also be comfortable, so be sure to move and position yourself however they need you to. Most stylists go back to front depending on what kind of braids you’re getting. In my case, I was getting micro-braids so she started in the back. 

Keep in mind if you have a tender head you may want to let your stylist know. You don’t want your braids to look loose or like they are coming undone so they are going to braid your hair pretty tight. The nape of your neck is sensitive and are likely to hurt more than the rest of your head but it’s not unbearable. Personally I can’t help but fall asleep a few times during the process.

Communication with your stylist is key so if you have a specific part you want or length of hair, you must absolutely voice yourself. If you have weak hair at the front of your hairline you need to make sure that they aren’t being braided because the tension will cause them to break off.


Taking care of your braids after getting them done is going to be important if you want to maintain your style.

For the first week or so you should avoid washing your hair.

 I suggest using a dry shampoo like the Herbal Cleanse dry shampoo when needed.

In the beginning, your braids are going to feel tight until your hair grows out a little and loosens them. 

 To combat any issues with dry, itchy scalp and promote growth I use the Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil and the Doo Grow Anti Itch Formula.



For added moisture to your scalp put water in a spray bottle and lightly spritz your scalp then add the oil to lock it in.

To keep your braids full of luster I use African Pride Braid Sheen Spray which helps relieve dryness and soothes tight or sore scalp and helps soften and condition your braids.


This hair wore very well and I really liked it. I normally wear my braids for about 4 months at a time and the hair remained in good quality. It was easy to style whether it was down or up. I would receive so many compliments all the time about my hair so it was definitely a confidence booster. When it was time to take them out i was able to cut and unbraid them easily without any hassle and not too much build up.

by Kennedy Kakou

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