June's Subscription Box Spoiler: What You Could Get In Your Box This Month


Curious about what might be in your box this month? Here are the top 10 wigs that member who signed up for a Subscription Box COULD receive in June:

1. Vivia by Nutique

Discover the elegance of Nutique's Vivia wig. Crafted with HD lace for seamless blending, it boasts a chic deep wave curl pattern and a stylish side part. The hand-tied triangle lace ensures a natural appearance, while the wider lace delivers a full frontal hairline. With pre-plucked hairline and baby hair, it offers a realistic look. Enjoy skin tone contouring, natural movement, and styling versatility with high heat fiber. Plus, the FlexFit cap ensures comfort for any occasion.

2. Glam Up Body 26" by Nutique

Elevate your style with the Glam Up Body 26" wig. It boasts 360 all-around HD lace for seamless blending and natural movement. This layered, body wave style adds volume and texture for a stunning look. With wider and deeper lace, enjoy a full frontal hairline that's pre-plucked, along with baby hair for added realism. The wig offers flawless skin tone contouring and is made with high heat fiber for styling versatility. Complete with a FlexFit cap for comfort, it's perfect for any occasion.

3. Martina by Nutique

Introducing Martina by Nutique, featuring HD lace for an undetectable hairline and a glueless design for easy wear. This wig showcases deep wave curls reminiscent of mermaid waves, adding a touch of magic to your look. The hand-tied triangle lace and pre-plucked natural hairline offer a seamless and realistic appearance. Enjoy the wider and deeper lace for a full frontal hairline, perfect for creating stunning, natural styles effortlessly.

4. Glam Up Straight 27" by Nutique

Meet the Glam Up Straight 27" wig by Nutique: your key to sleek sophistication. With 360 all-around HD lace, this layered, straight style ensures flawless blending and a natural appearance. The wider and deeper lace provides a pre-plucked full frontal hairline, complemented by natural baby hair for added realism. Enjoy flawless skin tone contouring and natural movement with this high heat fiber wig. Complete with a FlexFit cap for comfort, it's perfect for any occasion.

5. Flare Wave Curl 24" by Nutique

Experience the perfect blend of style and realism with the Flare Wave Curl 24" wig. Featuring HD lace for flawless blending and a hand-tied triangle lace design, this wig provides a natural look and movement. The layered, flare wave style with a center part adds volume and elegance. Enjoy a pre-plucked natural hairline and natural baby hair for an authentic appearance. The wider and deeper lace offers a full frontal hairline. Made with high heat fiber and a FlexFit cap, this wig ensures both comfort and versatility.

6. Tatienne by Outre

Introducing Tatienne by Outre, featuring a free part 13"x 6" fully hand-tied frontal for customizable styling. Whether you prefer a middle part or side part, this wig allows you to achieve your desired look. With pre-plucked strands, it offers a perfect and seamless hairline for a natural appearance. Designed for easy and ready-to-wear convenience, Tatienne is a long straight style wig that elevates your everyday look effortlessly.

7. Dannita by Outre


Meet Dannita by Outre: a sleek, medium-length bob wig with a 13x4 free part design. This wig features HD lace for a seamless blend, along with baby hair for added realism. Its less visible lace ensures a natural look, allowing you to rock your style with confidence.

8. Ella by Outre

Say goodbye to lace grid lines, and get the realest look with Faux scalp. This Perfect Hairline 13”X4” HD Lace frontal wig features a skin-toned, soft lining for less visible lace, and a smooth bade that is easy to tint and conceal. Achieve a hair line and scalp that is pure perfection with this unit that offers it all.

9. Patrice by Outre

Introducing Patrice by Outre: a sophisticated 13x4 free part wig designed to enhance your natural beauty. With a medium length and elegant wavy style, Patrice exudes effortless charm. Crafted with high-definition lace, this wig seamlessly blends with your skin for a flawless look. Its delicately crafted baby hair adds to the realism, while the less visible lace ensures a natural finish. Elevate your style with Patrice's versatility and comfort, perfect for any occasion.

10. Tamala by Outre

Introducing Tamala by Outre: the epitome of elegance. Boasting a perfect hairline and a hand-tied 13x6 frontal, this wig offers unparalleled realism. Its luxurious long wavy style adds a touch of glamour to any look. With natural baby hair and a pre-plucked hairline, Tamala achieves a seamless blend with your own hairline. Experience effortless beauty with Tamala by Outre.

With our wig Subscription Box, you can experiment with different styles and looks on a budget. Whether you're looking for a dramatic change or just want to switch things up, there's a wig out there for you. Sign up for a Subscription Box today and discover the perfect wig for your style!

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